Akadamia Ltd

Akadamia Ltd was formed in 2006 when I took early retirement from BAE Systems, when they decided to close the Edinburgh facility (the remains of the once thriving Ferranti operation).

For the next 4 years I operated as a consultant to BAE Systems to complete an ongoing contract in Singapore, for which I was Chief Architect. In addition, I undertook a number of small software tasks for local businesses, including both the development of bespoke software and of websites for businesses and clubs.

In 2010, with the completion of the Singapore contract (and hence the consultancy to BAE Systems), it become clear that the very limited income from the the small jobs did not justify continuing to operate as a Limited company, with the acounting and filing requirements that go with it, adn so the company ceased trading.

Software (e.g. GAMLoader) and website development continued on a very limtied basis until late 2013, when I was diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer and was unable to continue with any new work.

I am in the process of moving all my existing work, either to other people or to simple WordPress sites that can remain as static reminders of some of my work.


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